What information do I need to provide?

We will ask you to provide production information for your farm for the last six production years (2020 to 2015) and financials for the past five complete financial years (2020 to 2016).

New Clients will need to provide all of these records.  Season Update clients will only need to provide the information for the year(s) since their last Latevo Income Assessment.

You will also need to provide contact and trading name details for your farm and some contact details for your accountant.

Production Information

For each cropping year we ask for:

  • Total arable hectares
  • Total hectares sown for each crop
  • Total number of fallowed hectares (if any)
  • Harvest details (yield / tonnes harvested)
  • Details of any grain kept or used for feed / seed
  • Details of any share farmed grain not sold through your NGR

Financial Information

For each financial year we ask for:

Plus your 2021 financial year-to-date cashbooks (1 July 2020 to current date).

Your financials can be provided be uploaded by you to our online application or you can choose to provide signed authorisation allowing Agri-Analytics to collect these from your accountant on your behalf.